Inside the Box: A Day in the Life of a Saltbox Location Manager

March 31, 2022
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Empathy is one of our core company values at Saltbox. It’s critical that every employee not only empathize with the experience of our Members, but employees at the company. Because our warehouse and micro-fulfillment centers are at the forefront of the day-to-day Saltbox experience, we designed a program specifically to give every employee a glimpse at what life ‘inside the box’ is like.  

Every new employee, regardless of function or level, is asked to serve as an Assistant Location Operations Manager (ALOM) for a Day - that is, to work in a Saltbox warehouse as any warehouse employee would, to get a small slice of the many tasks and activities one day can bring at any of our locations. Our latest ALOM for a day, Madison Houser, Marketing Associate at Saltbox, documented her experience in Dallas. Check out her takeaways and vlog below.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what an ALOM for a day might do.

This is just scratching the surface of what our Location teams tackle every day - no boring days here, and comfortable shoes are a must!

Receive and Move Inventory

One of the things Members appreciate most about Saltbox is the ability of our local team to receive inventory on their behalf, so they don’t have to arrive early, stay late or just wait around for their products to arrive. As ALOM for a Day, everyone typically gets a chance to see some action at the loading docks! Our team can even load pallets onto pallet jacks to take them off the truck and put them in a Member’s suite, or move them to flex storage outside someone’s suite if they need more space.

"It’s enlightening to see how active and busy the building is on a any given day. Every member of the team is engaged and busy with eForce, supporting members, and building operations from open to close. There is always work to be done!" – Chelsea, Project Manager

“Pick and Pack” Members’ Shipments

Another big task our teams tackle for Members is providing extra hands when they need them. We call this our Elastic Workforce or eForce team. This often includes picking, packing and shipping their products. Members show us exactly how they like their product packaging and boxing to look and we get it done according to their specifications. Members can choose whether they stay in their suite or let our team work solo.

Our latest ALOM for a Day, Madison, recently picked and packed more than 200 boxes for our Dallas Member, Simpleaf. At the end of the project, she just walked all the packages over to our carrier station where USPS picked them up at the end of the day. The best part? Madison got to spend some quality time with Simpleaf owner Femi, who was working in his suite, getting to know his personal story, business journey and musical preferences! We LOVE these opportunities to connect and get to know our Members so personally.

Support Fulfillment Specialists

Every Saltbox location has a micro-fulfillment center (MFC), which services a wide variety of Members and products. No day at our MFC is like the other - you might find yourself helping unload and restock inventory, picking and packing boxes, or customizing hand-written notes to customers to support a Member’s branding experience. Whatever the task, working in the MFC allows our employees to see first-hand the benefit of having a local knowledgeable team - where Members can pop-in, call-in, or email, and expect to hear from their dedicated fulfillment specialist. Some of the Members that take advantage of Saltbox fulfillment services aren’t even onsite or local – they just ship their product to us and when we receive their orders, we take care of getting their shipments out the door!

Greet Members and Their Guests

No day at Saltbox is complete without a few (or many!) Member encounters. We’ve always got a Saltbox associate at our reception desk, welcoming Members, answering questions, checking in on projects we can support, and helping set up any Member’s guests for meetings in our conference rooms. Through these daily personal encounters, we often get to hear how their businesses are doing and what they need help with - which helps us continuously innovate Saltbox to serve their needs.

Distribute Member Mail and Packages

No business HQ is complete without a mailbox and at Saltbox, each Member has their own. Our team diligently processes all mail and packages and delivers them to either the Member’s mailbox or directly to their suite for larger packages.

"The firsthand experience of working in the space helped me to better understand how the building functions and will be an invaluable reference for laying out future Saltbox locations." – Elyse, Workspace Designer

Assist with Member Move-Ins and Suite Setup

Our team helps Members move into Saltbox and optimize their space so they can hit the ground running. Depending on the “season”, we tackle 5-10 move-ins in a week! An ALOM for a day may be the extra pair of hands our team needs to help Members move their inventory, set up furniture, and stage their workflow. We also offer furniture for rent, which our team can assemble and install in Members’ suites ahead of their move in too.  

Madison's Takeaways from her Day as a Location Manager:

  • I hit the ground running as soon as I walked in. I spent most of the day on my feet - it’s amazing how many different tasks our team tackles in a day’s work!
  • Doing eForce was a great way to connect with a Member and learn about their business, their personal journey, and their experience at Saltbox.
  • I walked away amazed at how many steps it takes to get an order from point A, where it originates, to point B, the final customer. There are many, many points along the way that most people don’t ever think about.

Watch Madison’s Vlog on Being an ALOM for a Day

The Saltbox Location Team Members are here to support you and your success as a business owner. Each location has a dedicated workforce to help you power your day-to-day operations so you can focus on running your business. Interested in learning more about your local Saltbox? Book a tour to see for yourself!

About Saltbox:

Saltbox is on a mission to enable the modern economy with human-centric logistics that solve the hardest parts of running an ecommerce business. Our purpose-built network of flexible warehouses, fulfillment centers, on-demand labor and other services are powering the ecommerce economy and the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale.

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