Warehouse suites

Situated within your neighborhood Saltbox, warehouse suites put the logistics tools you need in one, central place. Get a temperature-controlled space for your products, access enterprise-grade amenities, and connect with a diverse community of small business entrepreneurs. 
Choose from 100-10,000 sq. ft. suites
Scale your space up or down as needed
Get access to your warehouse from day 1 of membership
Enjoy a flexible, month-to-month contract 
Two woman smiling, standing in flower shop
Denver Member: Pickletown
A man holding box in a warehouse
Duarte Member: Ohmonah
Woman showing bottle products standing in an office/warehouse
Denver Member: Chuan's Promise
Two desks with monitors and moodboards above them
Woman taking something from top shelf storage
Small office with desks and window

Office suites

The perfect compliment to your warehouse suite, Saltbox offices provide a quiet space where your team can gather to focus on business. Just like your warehouse suite, you can customize your office to meet your business needs.
Get a desk, chair, and other materials you may need
Scale your office up or down as needed
Get access to your office from day 1 of membership
Enjoy a flexible, month-to-month contract 
What you get

The full package

In addition to a physical space to work from, Saltbox includes a full suite of on-site logistics solutions.
Daily carrier pickups
Instead of making trips to UPS, leave your outgoing packages for pickup right from Saltbox.
Loading docks
Leverage on-site loading docks to receive freight and large orders with ease.
Conference rooms
Book a conference room to host guests, meet with your team, or give a presentation.
High-speed WiFi, cleaning services, utilities, and snacks and coffee are all included with your membership.
Content studio
Keep your product photography up-to-date and let your ideas take center stage in our content studio.
Security & controlled access
Know your inventory is safe with on-site surveillance, enterprise-grade security, controlled access, and nightly patrol.

Need fulfillment support? Saltbox has you covered.

Saltbox offers flexible, personalized fulfillment so you can spend more time growing your business.
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Let’s get down to logistics

Saltbox is the workspace, operational leverage, and logistics resource ecommerce businesses trust. Ready to see how our solution can work for you?
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