What is a Co-Warehousing Space: Twist on Co-Working with Logistics for Growing Businesses

January 28, 2022

Problem: The world of ecommerce is expanding. Learning about fulfillment services and flexible warehousing has grown more and more complex as solutions have grown more elusive. You’re craving a space for your business that won’t completely blow your budget while still guaranteeing the room to expand.

At this point, you have a few options. Many business owners consider renting a self-storage unit for product or begin leasing a traditional warehouse. With both options however, these warehousing companies are requiring long-term and expensive contracts that don’t fit your business’s specific needs. You’re looking for just the RIGHT amount of space with potential for flexibility. 

That brings us to your third option: co-warehousing. This new form of warehousing includes renting a unit in a shared warehouse facility designed to support the needs of multiple small businesses that all produce and ship goods. 

What are the pros of this co-warehousing format? We’re so glad you asked. In a world of constant “co-everything”, we’re bringing the concept of co-working to your startup. Merging the financial flexibility of self-storage with the logistics capabilities of traditional warehousing, co-warehousing offers more with the amenities and community of a modern office, all in one place.

Let’s get into all the benefits.

Sizing For YOUR Business

A waste of space often means a waste of money! Don’t pay for space you don’t need. Co-warehousing offers numerous warehouse suites of varying sizes. These warehouse suites can include access to loading docks, freight equipment, on-demand labor, conference rooms, enterprise security, and even a photo studio. As your business grows, your space can grow with you!

Flexibility Built for Change

No matter the changes your business faces, co-warehousing offers the ability to adapt and expand with your needs. With fair pricing for the space your business uses, co-warehousing spaces offer a flexible contract, providing the amount of warehouse space you need WHEN you need it. Many co-warehousing facilities include month-to-month memberships, flexibility, and turnkey value propositions without being locked into a long-term lease.

Saltbox warehouse suites can flex up and down with your needs, and come with everything you need to get up and running.

Supply Chain Benefits

3PLs have long provided shared services and the expertise needed to assist companies with all their warehousing and distribution needs. Co-warehousing not only provides the space and equipment needed for all ecommerce businesses, but also provides deals on shipping in bulk, part-time labor available on demand, and set up for daily shipping and receiving. Sharing the price of space, labor, and technology can help streamline those supply chain efforts, offering a cost-effective option for all small business owners.

Amenities Galore

From pallet jacks to espresso, your co-warehousing facility has all the amenities you could need with no extra fees. Many co-warehousing facilities offer conference rooms, office space, kitchens and even photo studios. With comfortable working conditions including temperature control, break rooms with coffee, and frequent cleanings, these co-warehousing spaces offer the perfect combination of warehousing needs and upscale office appeal. Rentals for fixtures and furniture are also available, guaranteeing your space is customized for your comfort. What more could you ask for?!

Co-warehousing at Saltbox offers modern spaces, amenities and community.

Networking and Community, All In One Place

Last, but certainly not least, co-warehousing spaces are filled to the brim with other entrepreneurs, facing all the same challenges and triumphs your ecommerce business is facing. Community is a massive benefit to co-warehousing, guaranteeing the ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals and network with business owners within the industrial sector. And, with many facilities located across the country, the opportunities are endless when it comes to communication and company growth across multiple locations.

Interested? The perfect co-warehousing location is waiting for you. Saltbox offers the perfect blend of flexible warehouse and office suites with on-demand services including Elastic Workforce, Fulfillment, and even photography studios. With our purpose-built network of warehouses in major metropolitan areas across the country, we are powering the ecommerce economy and the next generation of entrepreneurs by democratizing access to essential operations and logistics infrastructure. We’re here to solve the most critical challenges ecommerce entrepreneurs face when starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

Join a co-warehousing community, and watch your business grow! What are you waiting for? Check out our website and book a tour at your nearest Saltbox location today.

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