Track our Bamblu bedding order with Parsel from Saltbox Atlanta to our doorstep

June 20, 2024
Small Business & Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, direct-to-consumer brands face logistics challenges left and right. From capacity constraints to supply chain delays to proper inventory management, businesses must adapt to a constantly changing landscape. While many of these challenges don’t happen regularly, there’s one in particular that direct-to-consumer brands face every day: Finding efficient, cost-effective, and reliable shipping solutions.

Your business might do everything in its power to ship customer orders in a timely fashion, but what happens when the best carrier option available will cost your business time and money? Or what about when a package gets lost and you have no way to track if it was due to carrier error, or customer dishonesty?

These are real-life scenarios our members here at Saltbox face. That’s why, on a recent Thursday, we tested placing an order with Saltbox Atlanta member, Bamblu, who ships directly from their suite using our new shipping software, Parsel

Inside a warehouse suite at Saltbox: the 3PL alternative for small businesses.
Bamblu's warehouse suite setup at Saltbox Atlanta - Westside Park

We wanted to see how the process using Parsel works – both for Bamblu founder Angela Hawkins and her customers, especially as consumers increasingly demand reliability from their shipping experience

Follow along to see how my package was able to travel from Atlanta, GA to my doorstep in Jersey City, NJ in just one business day 😲.

Order is placed: Thursday, June 13 @ 1:02 pm

An iPhone screenshot showing an order confirmation for a bedding purchase.

Nothing says “Spring Refresh” like a new set of bedding 😍. Bamblu offers eco-friendly, luxury bedding and solutions for self-care and relaxation.

Here’s what I ordered from their bedding collection:

  • 100% Premium Viscose from Bamboo Sheet set in Crisp White
  • 100% Viscose from Bamboo Duvet Cover in Toasted Tan
  • Embroidered Bamblu Satin Pillowcase in Cream

(Stick around for a review and product photos at the end of this post 😉).

Order comes in via Shopify: Thursday, June 13 @ 1:05 pm

When Angela arrived at her suite in Saltbox Atlanta - Westside Park, she browsed her recent Shopify orders to locate mine.

Since her Shopify store directly integrates with Parsel, she was able to quickly open my order in the app to see which products to pick and pack. Once in the order view within Parsel, Angela could purchase a discounted shipping label for 30% less than her previous shipping app and print the packing slip in a few simple clicks. Parsel members get discounted shipping rates for UPS, USPS, and FedEx, as well as competitive shipping rates from regional and emerging carriers

Angela decided to ship with local carrier Pandion due to their fast delivery speeds and the fact that she can track her packages from the time they’re picked up until they arrive at the customer’s doorstep. 

“We’ve had problems in the past with carriers losing packages or customers saying an order wasn’t delivered when it was. It negatively affects my small business because I have to ship out another order without reimbursement for the original shipping costs. When shipping with Pandion via Parsel, you can see exactly where your package is in the shipping process and receive confirmation of its exact delivery time and location. It’s saved us both in money and headaches.” – Angela Hawkins, Founder, Bamblu

Products are picked within Bamblu’s suite at Saltbox: Thursday, June 13 @ 1:10 pm

Now comes the fun part. Having a dedicated warehouse suite at Saltbox means Angela can easily locate the items in my order and package them together in a matter of minutes. 

Every member can make their workspace truly their own, designing the layout to fit specific business needs. As you can see in the above GIF, Angela has optimized her warehouse suite by maximizing horizontal storage space with moving shelves.

Order is packed and labeled: Thursday, June 13 @ 1:30 pm

Seeing it all come together is ✨pure magic ✨.

Order is dropped off at Saltbox loading dock: Thursday, June 13 @ 2:35 pm

Since Saltbox has shipping and receiving capabilities for all members, Angela was able to wheel my package from her suite to the loading dock faster than a New York minute (and New Yorkers sure don’t waste any time). 

Our organized package drop-off bins give members peace of mind that their orders will get picked up by the right carrier.

Order is picked up by Pandion: Thursday, June 13 @ 3:20 pm

And the order is off! One of the best parts of shipping via Parsel (especially when utilizing regional and emerging carriers) is the fact that you can ship later and deliver faster with same-day order potential.

Pandion picks up packages from Saltbox loading docks until 4:30 pm every day. This gives you more time to pick and pack your orders and still get them out on time.

Package is delivered: Monday, June 17 @ 10 am

A package sitting on a marble coffee table.
Bamblu package arriving in Jersey City, NJ

Just like that, my order arrived 1 business day later in my building’s package room. Here it is in all its glory once I brought it up to my apartment unit. P.S., how cute is this custom packing tape?!

Inside an ecommerce package, filled with an insert card that says "Thank you" and a door sign that says "Please do not disturb my beauty sleep"
Opening the package to see these fun inserts!

…and not to mention these fun inserts! One of the major advantages of shipping with Parsel is that small businesses can use branded packaging and custom inserts for no additional cost, even if you’re utilizing our in-suite pick-and-pack service. Traditional 3PLs typically charge 10-40 cents per insert 🤯. 

Bamblu bedding IRL

A small bedroom featuring almond-color bedding and dark furniture
Bamblu bedding in the wild (Jersey City, NJ)

After a quick spin in the washing machine, I made up my bed with my new sheets and hopped in for a good night’s rest. It turns out that sheets made from bamboo are all the rage. I give Bamblu’s sheets and duvet cover five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐; they’re comfortable, breathable, and SO soft. Plus, they got to me super fast. What more could I ask for?

Get started with Parsel for free today

Built in collaboration with our members, Parsel is Saltbox’s new shipping management platform, giving SMBs access to enterprise-level shipping rates, emerging local carriers, and efficient workflow suggestions.

With Parsel, you get:

✔ Competitive shipping rates across national and regional carriers

✔ Access to local and regional carriers, typically reserved for only large brands (at select locations)

✔ Workflow suggestions to optimize your pick-and-pack process

Current Saltbox members can get started with Parsel for free today and receive a $50 shipping credit (offer expired August 31, 2024). 

Not a member? Book a tour and come see how Saltbox can transform your ecommerce operations.

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