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Saltbox is more than a space–it’s a community of people committed to helping ecommerce entrepreneurs like you get the most out of their business.
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We make running an ecommerce business more approachable.

As entrepreneurs, we know how intimidating it can feel to start your own business. Our solution solves your logistics challenges so you have a solid foundation to grow on.
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Ecommerce equipped workspaces
Saltbox stands apart from everyday coworking spaces with 100 - 2,000 square foot private warehouse suites. Each location is equipped with on-site loading docks and enterprise-grade amenities.
Let’s get personal
Unlike traditional logistics partners, we keep support in-house and take the time to learn about your business and products. You’ll get to know our passionate location operations team, who are available to answer your everyday shipping questions, big or small.
Expert operational team On standby
Saltbox offers expert, on-site logistics support. This gives you the unique flexibility to step away from your inventory and focus on other aspects of your business, while a fully trained team handles the rest.
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Our solution is as flexible as it is comprehensive.

Saltbox takes your unique business journey and simplifies it, putting all the tools you need–like secure spaces, loading docks, and fulfillment support–in the palm of your hands. Use the Saltbox App to easily book rooms, rent equipment, and more.

We create a community that thrives.

The path to success is easier when you have the right support. From the diverse business owners who become members to the staff who dedicate themselves to learning your business needs, Saltbox is a collection of people who care. 
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Saltbox is the workspace, operational leverage, and logistics resource ecommerce businesses trust. Ready to see how our solution can work for you?
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