Give your business space to operate and tools to thrive

Saltbox is your warehouse, office, logistics, and community—rolled into one, inspiring place to work. 

Build, grow, scale.

When your company joins Saltbox, you’ll get access to a creative, functional workspace—plus operational solutions to support your business as it expands.


Design your suite to fit your workflow

Your storefront may be digital, but your business needs physical space to operate. Saltbox workspaces are purpose-built with the equipment you need to keep orders flowing.

Warehouse Suites

Way better than working out of your home. Set up your space specifically for your unique needs.

Private Offices

Quiet, dedicated space for your whole team to focus on the business.

Your workspace includes

Daily Carrier Pickups

Stop lugging orders to UPS or the post office. Leave your outgoing packages for pick-up and move on with your day.

Loading Docks

Receive freight and large orders with ease.


24/7 access control, video surveillance, enterprise-grade security system, and a nightly security patrol.

Photo Studio

Keep your product photos up-to-date.

Conference Rooms

Host guests or teammates in comfort.

Workspace Conveniences

High-speed wifi, stocked kitchen with fresh-brewed coffee, air-conditioning, utilities, and cleaning services all included

For an all-inclusive price, I don’t have to worry about power, wifi, deliveries, or temperature control…? Done!”

Brea Fullerton
Founder and Creator,


Find your people.

Need an extra pair of hands? Hire an experienced operations specialist from Saltbox Elastic Workforce to handle daily tasks or tackle an upcoming project.

Sit back, relax, get lunch, take a vacation, or simply redirect your attention to the other parts of your work you truly love to do.


Receiving & sorting

Kitting & assembly

Returns processing

Process optimization

Not only did I get a team, but I got skilled guidance when I needed it.”

Angela Hawkins
Owner & Founder,


Flex up or down without wasting space

With large shipments and seasonal spikes, predicting exactly how much storage you need can be a challenge. With Saltbox Flex Storage, you only pay for the storage you need today.

Transparent Pricing

Pay by the pallet, by the day.

Precise Tracking

Digital tracking at every step, from pickup to storage.


Everything is behind lock-and-key.

Temperature controlled

Unexpected heat wave or polar vortex? Your inventory is protected from the elements.

Saltbox offered all the things you want at a price and value that allowed us to scale and flex up and down as needed.”

Garret Langley
Founder & CEO,

Experience operational excellence.

With flexibility, efficiency, and community support, Saltbox comes with everything your e-commerce business needs to reach the next milestone. Find the space you need to start dreaming even bigger.