Traditional 3PL companies are not designed for small e-commerce businesses. Saltbox Fulfillment is different. Simple pricing, dedicated fulfillment experts, and an invitation to visit your local Saltbox anytime.
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Saltbox Fulfillment integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, including:

Saltbox has been an invaluable resource for my business. The fulfillment process has been seamless and worry-free. The reps are professional and highly responsive. It's nice to be able to quickly get in contact with a human via phone or email when needed. Moving from our previous 3PL to Saltbox has been one of the best decisions our team has made!
Cedric Mims
Saltbox is all about big dreams. We're building spaces and services aimed to help people make their wildest dreams a reality, whether that's turbo-charging their business or finally launching one they never thought they could. As a company, we're dreaming big about the level of impact we can make for small businesses everywhere, and that's really energizing!
Alina Zhitskaya
Getting to be inspired by our Member and community everyday while knowing that we are working on creating products and services that will help elevate and help grow their business!
Lucy Tapia
We're expected to be experts in our fields and our ideas are treated with respect. That is both a benefit and a challenge. Each and every one of us bears the tremendous responsibility of ensuring we achieve our core mission of democratizing the infrastructure and resources our members need to succeed as entrepreneurs.
Daniel Murphy
I really like the ability to have an impact and make a difference. I'm also inspired by how thoughtful and intentional all our team members are with one another and the decisions for the company overall.
Leslie Gottfried
We are building something that enables many others. I get immense satisfaction every time I read/learn about our members achievements and success.
Paul D'Arrigo
I love being part of a small team that's doing big things! It's rewarding to see the impact Saltbox has on the small business community and the role each of us plays in that. Being at the location and working alongside our Members is consistently inspiring. I love seeing how creative our Members are and being a part of their entrepreneurial journey! Every day is different, challenging, and inspiring. I really feel like I'm making a meaningful contribution.
Katie Conley
I love working at Saltbox because my voice and opinions are heard. We have such a collaborative work environment and no job is too small to have an idea. I also love my team - I always feel empowered to speak and I know it's a safe space without judgment.
Kara Smith
I like that I am part of a mission to solve logistics and real estate problems for business owners to support their missions.
Kayleen Fan
Saltbox offered all the things you want at a price and value that allowed us to scale and flex up and down as needed.
Garret Langley
At Saltbox we’re surrounded by people who all have the same day-to-day issues. So we do feel like we’re at home with each other.
Gamal Codner
I’d been looking for warehouse space but had really given up hope. Then I found Saltbox and within the same week became a member.
Lenise Williams
Saltbox took the time to understand our business needs, and the dedicated point of contact helps provide the responsiveness that is often missing with many 3PL providers. I highly recommend Saltbox!
Remo Rowland
I love seeing the work we all do directly impact our members in so many positive ways. Saltbox is here to support these businesses and their wins feel like our own.
Elyse Iverson

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