Top 7 Virtual Ecommerce Events You NEED To Attend in 2022

April 19, 2022
Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The world of ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace. This massive community of entrepreneurs and developers are working to improve and expand online standards and techniques internationally on the daily. It’s no surprise the ecommerce community is expanding with ease, especially with the sheer breadth of shared resources and understanding in the field.

While technology continues to develop and consumer expectations rise, many businesses are growing, adapting and improving their selling strategies. Knowledge is power in this ever-changing space. Ecommerce conferences, events, and summits guarantee a place perfect for networking, sharing, and building a community of professionals looking to succeed.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to expand your network and sharpen your ecommerce skills, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 virtual ecommerce conferences you NEED to attend in 2022:

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Ecommerce World

When: May 4-6, 2022

Location: Virtual

Attendance Fee:

  • Attendee tickets at $187, on sale from $999 at time of publication
  • Solution Provider tickets at $334, on sale from $1,499 at time of publication

Why you should attend?

With over 30,000 attendees in the past, including over 7,000 brands and 80 speakers, this ecommerce event is the largest of its kind, offering extensive industry knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

This event provides the perfect place for the ecommerce community to come together to share exclusive industry knowledge, including tactics and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable ecommerce businesses in 2022.

This isn’t your typical ecommerce conference. Ecom World gathers industry leaders and innovative founders, trailblazing direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and Amazon Sellers to bring about a legendary three days of masterclasses and networking.

What to Expect:

  • 3 days of masterclasses and networking offering exposure to new businesses and industry insights from professional brands.
  • Covering all things, including but not limited to: products, fulfillment and customer service, business operations, store design and optimization, marketplaces and social commerce, brand building, paid advertising, marketing and more.
  • Includes a bonus day of Amazon sessions including: products and operations, storefront, and growth.
  • Speakers include executives from businesses such as Sharma Brands, Meta, Glow Recipe, Google, The Oodie and more!

Saltbox Session Pick:

  • Role of a Founder in a DTC Content Brand Marketing
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eTail Asia

When: June 7-9, 2022

Location: Singapore and Virtual

Attendance Fee:

  • Primary Ticket for eTailers and Retailers at $1,299, on sale from $1,499 at time of publication

Why you should attend?

Asia’s most senior-level ecommerce and digital marketing summit for retail, this epic conference offers the opportunity to learn from and network with heads of global ecommerce and digital marketing.

Gain an abundance of industry knowledge from leading professionals in ecommerce! Learn insights regarding frictionless integration between channels, systems and apps to offer a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Build a DTC business for maximum profitability, giving you more access to customers and their data. What’s not to love?

With a priority on keeping attendees safe, this in-person and virtual event offers participants protection, comfort and flexibility. Join from anywhere and make the event your own!

What to Expect:

  • 3 days of case studies, panels, discussions, keynote presentations, spotlight interviews and MORE!
  • Offering 6 private invite only VIP professional roundtables.
  • Drinks reception for networking with a community of ecommerce professionals internationally.
  • Access to speaker presentations and main conference sessions post-event for future learning and growth.

Saltbox Session Pick:

  • Innovative Lightning Talk 2: “High Touch” Strategy in a “High Tech” World with John McDonnell - Managing Director International, Tito's Handmade Vodka

CommerceNow 2022

When: June 22-23, 2022

Location: Virtual

Attendance Fee: FREE

Why you should attend?

This global virtual event focuses on all things digital commerce. Best part? It’s totally FREE! Bring your online business to the next level by connecting with ecommerce experts to learn, share and connect in an online setting.

No matter your goal, this event guarantees you will leave with actionable insights and growth strategies to not only improve today, but every day after.

With over 3,000 attendees in the past, this online event offers a global community of over 140 countries and 14+ speakers from leading ecommerce enterprises.

What to Expect:

  • Accessible from anywhere, join online and learn new initiatives and premium insights from ecommerce experts to help grow and scale your developing business.
  • Gain insights into growing your conversion rates, driving stronger consumer engagement, improving lead generation, increasing sales and more.
  • Be inspired! Get motivated, engaged and enlightened by industry experts to create exceptional experiences for your customers.
  • Past speakers included executives from businesses such as Zappos, Invesp, Growth Hackers, DemandMaven and more.

Saltbox Session Pick:

  • How to Choose the Right Tech Tools to Grow Your Store with Derric Haynie, eCommerceTech
A laptop on the table, along with cup of coffee, phone and notes.

Shoptalk Fall Meetup

When: September 13-15, 2022

Location: Online

Attendance Fee:

  • Regular tickets for Retailers and Brands at $995
  • General Attendees tickets at $1,495
  • Investor tickets at $1,395
  • Free tickets as part of the Hosted Retailers and Brands Program. Subject to approval.
  • Discounted rates for students, professors, startups, nonprofits, government agencies, complimentary tickets for editorial media and sell side analysts, employees in transition, etc.

Why you should attend?

Bringing together over 2,500 participants from Europe and the United States, Shoptalk’s Fall Meetup brings together a community of online stakeholders in the retail community to connect and engage in a weekend full of communication regarding the rise of ecommerce.

This one-of-a-kind meetup offers online meetings and collaborative events, the perfect blend of structured conferences and casual networking sessions. Shoptalk’s event welcomes a large group of ecommerce professionals for curated meetings and small group discussions.

What to Expect:

  • ”Tabletalks” led by moderators who look at issues affecting the retail sector.
  • Open communication with an extensive group of ecommerce and retail professionals looking to network and develop a strong community of like-minded individuals.
  • Bringing together all walks of life, including but not limited to: established retailers and brands, startups, large solutions providers and tech companies, investors and lenders, media and sell side analysts, agencies and consulting firms, executive coaching firms, and curated experts for professional development.

Denver Startup Week

When: September 19-23, 2022

Location: Denver, CO and virtual

Attendance Fee: FREE

Why you should attend?

This free event is Denver’s biggest entrepreneurial conference, bringing over 20,000 people together both online and in-person to share in over 350 learning sessions celebrating Denver’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and beyond.

One of the first hybrid events of its kind, this week-long event is intended to unite the entrepreneurial community nationally. Grow your developing ecommerce skillset by attending a week of epic content hosted on-site or online!

What to Expect:

  • This event includes a little bit of everything such as sessions, presentations, panels, workshops, happy hours, celebratory events, job fairs and more!
  • Ability to connect with a close community of entrepreneurs in a diverse and developing setting.
  • Endless possibilities for retailer-to-retailer connections and seamless networking with numerous business owners and ecommerce professionals both locally and nationally.
  • Schedule TBA

Saltbox Session Pick:

  • Check out their Maker Track online for great resources and an abundance of industry knowledge!

Ecommerce Expo

When: September 18-29, 2022

Location: ExCel, London and Virtual

Attendance Fee: Pricing disclosed on registration

Why you should attend?

This three day event brings together pureplay, omnichannel, B2B and B2C brands and retailers to create innovative disruption in the ecommerce space.

Join a community of rule breakers and ground shakers who are aiming to develop and improve the ecommerce community through actionable strategy and creative networking.

Hosted on location prior to the online event, this conference puts the future of ecommerce under the spotlight as they determine the strategies for businesses to survive and thrive beyond the pandemic.

What to Expect:

  • Offering a creative and global community of ecommerce experts for networking sessions, presentations, and workshops.
  • Innovative line of speakers, with past speakers coming from Salesforce, Adobe, Optimizely and other well-known brands.
  • Emphasizing the future of ecommerce, this event offers creative insights to grow businesses as the ecommerce sphere develops and improves.
  • Offers content hosting to enable maximum visibility and lead generation.

Ecommerce Tech Global Summit ‘22

When: October 11-12, 2022

Location: Virtual

Attendance Fee:

  • FREE for Junior Track for Junior and Middle Developers
  • Full access for experienced developers, including deep tech content at $350

Why you should attend?

This online summit offers insightful talks about the latest ecommerce trends, keying in on developers and tech trends within the industry. Hosted by Geekle, this event provides connections and networking opportunities with industry peers and leading experts to learn about current ecommerce challenges and developments.

In 2021, this event hosted over 5,000 attendees, with 37 speakers and 24 hours of tech talks with speakers from ebay, Etsy, IKEA, Alibaba Group and more.

What to Expect:

  • Access to live 10+ hour Junior Track content, with Q&A sessions from Junior Track speakers (Junior Track attendance).
  • Access to 12+ hours of Senior Track content, with full access to all Q&A sessions. Slack membership and certificate of attendance included (Senior Track attendance).
  • This tech-based event offers insight into the developing side of ecommerce, guaranteeing insight on all things security, big data, AI, VR, website traffic, etc.
  • Speakers include executives from renowned businesses such as ebay, Etsy, IKEA, Accenture, Alibaba Group, Shopware, Salesforce, Big Commerce and more.
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Did Any of These Pique Your Interest?

We said it once and we’ll say it again: Knowledge is power when it comes to ecommerce. No matter the events you attend, these online conferences offer opportunities that can’t be overlooked. Our goal for this year? Attend at least TWO of these incredible conferences to gain industry insight when it comes to ecommerce trends and marketing strategies. What’s yours?

About Saltbox:

If you’re looking for a community to support your business as you grow, Saltbox is here to support you as you expand and scale your business through 2022 and beyond. Want to learn more about growing your business through 3PL services with a human-centric approach to your growing needs? Get in touch with our team and let’s explore your logistics.

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