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December 23, 2022
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The end of the year has arrived and “Year in Reviews” are making their appearances on everyone’s timelines. From Spotify Wrapped to BeReal recaps across TikTok, every business is hopping on the trend of highlighting the epic highs (and occasional lows) of 2022.

And why shouldn’t they? We all love a good recap, especially after a remarkable year full of new business milestones and personal growth. Given the sheer amount of expansion and excitement we’ve experienced at Saltbox this year, it’s only fair we share our business recap for all the incredible ecommerce business members and friends that have helped us reach new heights in 2022! Let’s dive in.

Member Growth

Our Members make us who we are. Quite frankly, we thrive on the entrepreneurial spirit guiding each of our Members to expand their business into new markets. It has been an absolute treat meeting new business owners looking to improve their fulfillment and logistics with us at numerous locations across the United States.

This year, we reached an important milestone in our business: hitting over 300 Saltbox Members. Better yet, we are home to a diverse community of businesses, from Women-Owned athleisure brands to Black-Owned book businesses. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we are incredibly grateful to welcome new Members each month into the Saltbox community and offer them all the enthusiasm and support they need to expand and improve their businesses each year.

Location Launches

We launched approximately … NINE locations in 2022! Oh yes, we may have already lightly covered our business expansion this year in a previous blog post, but it’s time to go in depth on how much development really happened this year!

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019, Saltbox has maintained steady growth since launch. Located in booming metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and Los Angeles, we aimed to expand into further markets that were in dire need of a 3PL service for small businesses. This included expanding into locations such as Los Angeles, California- Duarte, DC Metro - Alexandria, Dallas, Texas - Carrollton, Miami, Florida - Doral, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Arden Hills, Atlanta, Georgia - Westside Park, and Phoenix, Arizona - South Tempe.

Expansion is always a good thing because it signals increased demand and growth. It’s also a clear indicator that what we’re doing is working! But expansion isn’t only happening at Saltbox. It’s happening with our Saltbox Members and other small business owners as well! Because Saltbox was created to support growing ecommerce businesses with logistics and fulfillment solutions, our expansion is largely indicative of the success and growth of small businesses around the nation.

Dublin, Ohio Fulfillment Center

2022 was a great year to get back into the game when it comes to the supply chain! We were happy to support our current Members to a greater degree by adding our first official fulfillment center just outside of Columbus, Ohio, a strong base for current and future Saltbox Members to spread their wings and take off on their business endeavors.

Located near John Glenn Columbus International Airport, major railroads and Interstate 270, this strategic hub enables Saltbox Members to reach 67% of the total U.S. population via two-day shipping - allowing Members to service their customer orders and needs more rapidly heading into the new year. This development is a major stepping stone for Saltbox and an even greater benefit to our Members, now offering them the ability to reach customers quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality and tracking standards.

News Coverage

We’re big news! In 2022, we were featured 384 times in different articles and press coverage spanning from funding and business developments to Member stories and new locations. In a business that is constantly growing and changing month to month, we’re so grateful to have press support and acknowledgement when we’re making big waves in cities around the nation.

New Team Members

Our Saltbox family is growing and we aren’t slowing down any time soon! This year, we added an abundance of newcomers to the growing community of Saltbox leaders and achievers. We’re so grateful to our new team members for taking part in our mission to support entrepreneurs of all sizes achieve their business goals.

Our team has always prioritized the well-being of our members above all else. We’re thankful for an ever-growing community filled with members who:

  • Provide ecommerce business owners with the flexible infrastructure they need to start, grow, and scale
  • Go beyond just infrastructure to help create a thriving community for business owners that feels like a second home
  • Empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to run the business of their dreams

We’re still growing the team in 2023! Looking for a new position or a career change? Look no further than our Careers Page, covering all current open positions and perks. You may just find your next dream job!

Series B Wrap-Up

The year wrapped on a funding high note! As a flexible co-warehousing and small business logistics pioneer, we recently announced the closing of a $35 million Series B funding round in November, our largest fundraising round yet. This latest development comes a little over a year after closing a $10.6 million Series A. Total company funding is now officially at $56 million.

We plan to use the Series B investment capital to open at least three more locations, with two of those planning to launch. The latest locations (as touched on earlier) will be in Miami, Minneapolis and Phoenix. Saltbox also wants to invest in software to create an even more seamless logistics ecosystem across all locations, enhancing the already fantastic fulfillment experience for Saltbox members nationwide.

Here’s what our CEO Tyler Scriven has to say about this milestone: “Supporting small-and medium-sized businesses as they navigate the challenges of their entire logistics stack, from warehousing, to shipping and more has been our main goal since day one,” says Scriven. “Thanks to the support of Cox, Pendulum and our other investors in this pivotal Series B round, Saltbox will continue to disrupt the logistics and fulfillment space by further investing into our unique offerings, whether that be our workspace, fulfillment, or on-demand labor solutions.”

If you’re interested in learning more about our Series B funding, check out our in-depth blog post.

And with that… Happy New Year!

At the end of the day (or should we say year), we love what we do and are absolutely ecstatic to be continually improving our business to benefit our Members’. We’re onto another incredible year of greater expansion, improved Member support, and fantastic tech developments across all of our locations. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!

Catch you on the flip side!

About Saltbox:

At Saltbox, we want to be your holiday and year-round shipping hub. Offering the key fulfillment services and warehousing all businesses require across a wide variety of locations, Saltbox benefits your growing business by focusing on those personal needs that many 3PL services overlook.

Saltbox offers hands-on care when it comes to logistic solutions and fulfillment, letting owners take the lead on running their business and improving their marketing while we handle everything else. You don’t have to expand your business alone. Get started with Saltbox Fulfillment and let’s grow your business together.

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