Saltbox 360 | Your Immersive Tour Experience

November 3, 2022
Thought Leadership

Envision yourself here! Welcome to the world of virtual reality. You’ve never toured a space quite like this. Here at Saltbox, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, improve, and expand our business as technology evolves and our company grows. We’re diving into the VR universe to maintain our goal of constantly improving the customer experience, allowing new Saltbox Members to interact with, understand and evaluate the services provided at our warehouses.

Why Virtual Reality?

Our Saltbox 360 video offers you the chance to tour the space without leaving the comfort of your home! This viewing experience offers you the chance to navigate the location and witness Members fully utilizing the all-inclusive products and spaces within Saltbox through cutting-edge technology.

It’s easy to navigate the tour no matter what device you’re viewing on. When watching from your phone, you can tap and drag to see the space or simply look around. If you’re viewing from your desktop or laptop, use your mouse to navigate the area. Better yet? Use a VR headset to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Whatever works best for you to gain the full touring experience, all online. Similar to platforms like Meta and YouTube, we’re harnessing the power of interactive video to connect entrepreneurs directly to our Saltbox locations.

As we constantly expand and improve our customer experience, we’re hoping you take advantage of evolving tech features to integrate into every aspect of our business. Development and improvement starts here. Let’s hop right into the tour! 

Take a Tour

Welcome to the Saltbox in Farmers Branch TX, a co-warehousing space teeming with big ideas and enhanced logistics solutions. We’re bringing you into the warehouse, showing you all the incredible opportunities for your business to grow in one of our largest locations in the country.

Showcasing this space is easy with attributes that truly shine in comparison to competing warehousing solutions. Take our Member workspaces, for example! Your one-stop-shop for all things space, our workspaces offer a great environment for business expansion. With varying term lengths and the ability to customize your space, the opportunities are endless.

Next up, we have our shared kitchen and Member Hub. This space is used for much needed lunch breaks and collaboration with other Members! Along with expansive community spaces, Saltbox offers an abundance of inclusive amenities including Wi-Fi, utilities, unlimited printing, conference room credits, a photography studio (we’ll touch on that in a moment), freshly brewed coffee, snacks, beverage machines and more!

Outside of our Member workspaces, Saltbox offers clean and comfortable office spaces in a variety of sizes. All office spaces include a desk and a chair, and are the perfect home base for small businesses or a full team! Needing space to host those all-important meetings as well? Our conference rooms are all outfitted with up-to-date tech to host guests or team members in a professional and unique environment with convenient booking for all Members.

But that’s not all! We offer a photo studio prepped with backdrops and equipment, the perfect offering for ecommerce businesses to take high-quality and updated pictures of their products. Along with this, our Saltbox locations have mail and shipping services for all of your business needs. Whether you’re getting mail sorted or packaging and shipping products, we’ve got you covered on all the necessities.

Interested in learning more about storage and warehousing? Lucky for you, we have flex storage space on site to accommodate fluctuations in your inventory. Grow and scale your business easily and effectively through warehousing that fits your needs. Our locations also include a full-scale loading dock, with daily pickups from all major carriers and shared equipment like pallet jacks, carts, and packing stations.

Last, but certainly not least, is our micro-fulfillment center! Micro-fulfillment centers are scattered strategically across the U.S. in select Saltbox locations. These fulfillment centers take charge of your fulfillment solutions for you, picking, packing, and shipping your product so you don’t have to.

Visit Today

Saltbox gives businesses the ability to grow and scale in convenient locations. Working in intentionally designed spaces with other like-minded entrepreneurs, Saltbox solves the toughest parts of business development with comprehensive logistics support in a community-focused workspace.

We loved taking you on a virtual tour through our space, but there’s nothing like the real thing! Contact us today to book a tour at your nearest Saltbox location and learn about all the features and amenities your local space offers.

About Saltbox:

Saltbox wants to grow your small business with you. Offering the key fulfillment services all businesses require across a wide variety of locations, Saltbox benefits your growing business by focusing on business needs that many 3PL services overlook.

We offer hands-on solutions when it comes to logistics and fulfillment, which allows business owners to run their business while we handle everything else. You don’t have to expand your business alone. Get started with Saltbox Fulfillment and let’s grow your business together.

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