New Developments: TikTok’s Ecommerce Evolution

January 18, 2023
Thought Leadership

The new year is officially in full swing and every social platform is getting in on the ecommerce fun in 2023! Anyone will tell you that the online shopping experience has changed. Buyers are no longer googling their specific item requests any more, they’re stalking around the top social apps to find the best bargains and perfect picks from popular influencers and brands.

And it’s about time every platform gets in on the action. The latest news? TikTok has entered the chat when it comes to social commerce, on a mission to compete with Amazon and other retail giants heading into 2023 and beyond. Users can now make purchases directly through the app using a feature called TikTok Shop, which officially began testing in U.S. markets in early November.

The Latest

TikTok is currently inviting select U.S. businesses to take part in the initiative, with many businesses planning and improving their social strategy with these impending changes in mind. TikTok, which is currently owned by Chinese social media conglomerate ByteDance, has announced international businesses will eventually be able to use TikTok shop.

Based on a positive impact in many Asian countries, TikTok is looking to expand the initiative to America in a wider company ambition referred to internally as “Project Aquaman.” The goal is to import a similar version of China’s $400 billion livestream shopping industry to the U.S., where the format is still largely synonymous with television networks like QVC.

Despite ongoing privacy concerns in the United States regarding the application, TikTok is most likely rolling out TikTok Shop to maintain the health of their business in varying international markets. Amid TikTok’s slumping advertising budget, the social media platform was seeking to infiltrate this social commerce market after taking part in the busiest shopping season of the year, setting TikTok Shop up for ongoing success in the new year.

Joining the ranks of Amazon when it comes to supporting small businesses across the nation, including U.S. sellers in the latest rollout is incredibly important when it comes to building customer goodwill. With almost 85 million users spending 45 minutes per day on the app, TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms in the United States. Only time will tell how well this latest initiative takes off amongst the U.S. consumer market in the coming months.

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