Saltbox x eStreamly: Live Shopping and Why You Should Try It

March 23, 2022

Last week, we at Saltbox held our first ever live shopping event with the help of eStreamly and featured four of our amazing Saltbox Dallas members – Simpleaf, PWR WMN, Kallisti Natural, and Uniquely Gifted Texas. We are always looking for new ways to help our Members grow and were excited to try out the growing livestream trend taking modern commerce by storm.

The verdict is in: More livestreams, please! Members had a blast sharing their products live and connecting with their consumers on a whole new level. And our team had a great time supporting them behind the camera too.  Check out the recap and videos from the event below, along with some key benefits of jumping on this new consumer trend. 

Before we jump into the event recap, what is live shopping and why should you try it? Live shopping brings the in-store experience online, allowing brands to sell their products via livestream on a range of platforms while letting viewers engage in real-time with the brand by leaving comments, asking questions and, of course, shopping. Platforms like eStreamly allow you to stream live, integrate your store, offer promotions, and interact with your viewers directly from their platform. For viewers, there is no easier or lower hassle way to get the look and feel of a product and buy it instantly. 

Connect with your audience

For merchants, live shopping events offer a unique way to showcase products and connect with your audience. This informal and fun setting lets you ‘show and tell’ the key features of your favorite items, with the added benefit of conveying your own personality and giving your audience the information they most want to hear.

Check out founder Femi of Simpleaf fielding a question from a live viewer about how his business journey began.  Here he was able to share his inspiration for entrepreneurship and how he channels that into giving back to his community. His audience gets to feel his passion for his business and can be confident knowing that their purchase goes a long way in supporting families in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Femi is from. 

Level up your product demos

With live shopping, your products truly speak for themselves.  This is your chance to show them from every angle in real-time, focus on features that are truly special and even throw in a delightful and unexpected model.  

At Saltbox’s live shopping event, co-founder Kim of PWR WMN was able to showcase the variety of their line in one shot with a clothing rack of the wide range of options they offer, while at the same time highlighting the unique details of each item, like local artists’ paintings on the inside panel fabrics! Plus, Kim recruited had Mom by her side to model the blazers in real-time as she described the full range of sizes offered.  A genuine no-filters, no-frills approach showing real people wearing her products just like they would every day gives the audience a true sense of what they can expect. 

Build excitement about your brand 

It can be hard to truly convey the richness of your products in everyday marketing and to rely on consumers reading its’ full benefits on your website. Live shopping provides an opportunity to quickly educate shoppers on the unique value behind your product by elaborating on its origins and key ingredients. Check out how Penelope of Kallisti Naturals not only shows off the glittery goodness in her body butter, but gets a genuine reaction of glee from people in the studio testing it out in on camera. Capturing these real-life moments of excitement is sure to build credibility and interest with your audience. 

At Saltbox, we make the hardest parts of running an ecommerce business simple by powering your logistics operation. Our warehouse and fulfillment teams strive to support Members everyday with all the critical aspects of their operations – from workspace, to inventory shipping and receiving, to picking & packing, and more - so business owners can focus on running their business. 

We adore helping Members share their products and stories in new ways, like our eStreamly live shopping event – much more to come here in the future! 

And we love hearing from Members about their Saltbox growth journeys! Hear below from Barbara of Uniquely Gifted Texas talking about her Saltbox experience on the livestream.  

If you are a business owner searching for a supportive partner to help you operate with ease, we’d love to talk to you! Contact us so our team can get in touch to explore our personalized logistics solutions.

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