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Angela Hawkins' Bamblu
August 31, 2021

Angela Hawkins' Bamblu

Angela Page Hawkins is an innovative entrepreneur with a diverse career that merges her passion for business, creativity, and design. As CEO and Founder of Bamblu, a sleep company offering eco-friendly bamboo bedding and self-care products, she is on a mission to provide sleep solutions to help her customers get the rest they need to live the lives they want.

For over 20 years, Angela led a successful career in corporate America, working in managerial accounting, finance, and marketing for the world’s largest beverage company, The Coca-Cola Company. Even though Angela has a degree in accounting and a lot of experience overseeing revenue generating initiatives, there was something in her that was longing for more. She went back to school to explore her love of interior design and ended up opening Le Creatif Design Gallery. 

Two years into her entrepreneurial adventure she ended up closing up shop due to the US Recession. After an 8 year stint back in corporate America, she decided to take another leap of faith back into the world of entrepreneurship and launched Le Creatif Linen (Bamblu) which is currently being sold across the United States and internationally. 

We sat down with Angela to talk about her company name, how her products evolved, “feeding the beast”, and what she loves about Saltbox.

How did you come up with the company name?

The idea behind this name was to create a new word that would be unmistakably connected to the brand. It’s also a play on words and it embodies a mood-setting aspect. Studies show that psychologically, the color blue evokes calmness, peace and serenity in the viewer. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. It is the color associated with the throat chakra, which according to yoga philosophy, is the place where the soul rests during sleep.

How have your products evolved (if they have)?

When we started in September 2017, we were a bedding company. Our focus was on providing luxury bamboo bedding. As we evolved and learned, it became clear that our focus really needed to be on sleep as a whole and how we could, as a company, make it our mission to provide sleep solutions and not just bedding. If we really wanted to solve a problem, we had to address the whole problem and elevate the conversation of sleep deprivation among 40%of Americans and how it impacts our daily lives. We created a suite of bedding solutions including pajamas, bedding, aromatherapy, herbal teas and bath salts as well as education that helps our customers to get the rest they need to live the lives they want.


Bamblu luxury bamboo bedding

What is your personal favorite product that you sell? 

My favorite product is definitely the sheets. When my bed is freshly made with a set of Bamblu sheets, I know without a doubt that I am in for a GREAT night’s sleep. The sheets are indescribably comfortable, soft and smooth. I feel like the sheet is actually caressing my skin as I sleep. They are fantastic.

Did you always know you wanted to own your own business? 

When I was in college, all I knew was working my way through the corporate ladder. I had no appreciation for being a business owner. Soon after entering the workforce, I noticed the more senior employees in my department were just waiting for the day they could retire. No passion or pleasure for the work they were doing. I knew at that point that I needed to do something more. Life is for the living and every aspect should be enjoyed.

I knew accounting and finance wasn’t going to provide that so I went back to school for what I enjoyed… Interior Design. I appreciate learning and knew I needed to offer myself a solid chance at making a career in the creative arts work by earning a degree. My first entrepreneurial venture was with an Interior Design firm that I scaled into an Interior Design Gallery and Furniture Store. Bamblu is my second entrepreneurial venture which is an extension of the Design Gallery. I left that venture wanting to start a bedding company and 8 years later, Bamblu was born.

 What has been the biggest challenge of running a business? 

The biggest challenge for me is funding. I call it “feeding the beast”. With a product based business, it is necessary to always be designing, producing and selling new products. My product in particular is expensive. I have tried to access lines of credit to scale the business quickly, but haven’t been successful. I have resorted to smaller funding options which means I am not able to scale as quickly as the business can grow. It is a challenge I am still addressing but managing through.


Biggest successes? 

Scaling this business by 475% year over year.


How did you find Saltbox? 

I was referred by an associate of Tyler’s, I was talking to him about funding (of course) and mentioned my intentions for the growth of the business. He recommended I check out this new concept of flexible warehousing.

How can Saltbox help you on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Keep up the great work. Keep developing opportunities for all of us to win. Keep building and expanding. Keep giving us the room to scale beyond what our garages and dining room tables could ever allow.

To stay up to date on the latest Bamblu news follow her on social media: @bamblusleep on IG and Facebook. 

To shop Bamblu products visit:

For more stories about small business owners making waves in their communities, follow Saltbox on Instagram: @joinsaltbox 

About Saltbox

Saltbox is the Modern Warehouse for digital commerce companies. With our purpose-built network of flexible warehouses in major metropolitan areas across the country (currently open in Dallas, Seattle and Atlanta with many more about to open this year), we are powering the ecommerce economy and the next generation of entrepreneurs by democratizing access to essential operations and logistics infrastructure. From flexible and smartly designed warehouse and office suites to on-demand services like our Elastic Workforce, Fulfillment, and even photography studios Saltbox solves some of the most critical challenges ecommerce entrepreneurs face when starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

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