The Ultimate Small Business Gift Guide for the 2023 Holiday Season

November 9, 2023
Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The clock strikes 12 on Halloween night and it’s almost as though the sound of jingle bells fills the air. Small businesses pivot, seemingly overnight, from fall décor and pumpkin candles to Christmas trees and evergreen. Just like that, the holidays are upon us, and the season of giving has arrived.

But we’re so over the panic-driven purchasing that occurs every Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re in the year 2023, where we keep our cool as we find some of the best and most unique presents to gift those we care for and love this holiday season. It’s tricky to walk the line when it comes to distinctive gifting options. And if we're being honest, we’re so ready to purchase some truly meaningful items that go beyond the simple gift card. 

Your Online Small Business Gift Guide

The magic of the holiday season is the impact your purchasing habits have on the businesses you choose to support. Small businesses across the nation are gearing up with their own deals this season, hoping and praying they’ll get the lion’s share of your gift buying this season.

As a company built to support and solve for the toughest parts of small business growth, Saltbox is here to share our awesome (and totally unbiased) holiday gift guide from our travels across the United States this summer. Not to brag, but we’ve got quite the assortment of unique gifts that will have your family and friends impressed with your gift-giving abilities.

With six picks from the ultimate gift guide from each category, our Saltbox Holiday Gift Guide features the perfect assortment of one-of-a-kind presents for loved ones in all of our lives. We’re highlighting some of our standout selections from each category, but that’s not to take away from some of the other epic goods from other extraordinary businesses across the nation.

And without further ado, let’s get shopping!

Apparel and Accessories

Luxe Zip Jacket from Bair by Bria

We’re past the days of heading to the mall and buying the same type of luxury athleisure seen on the runways of every major brand. In come the days of luxury and intentional design created by small business owners we know and trust.

A fall and winter staple that every woman is destined to love, this luxury athletic jacket features soft and buttery material known as the BAIR LUXE fabric. With contouring sides curving up both sides of the jacket, this zip-up offers a feminine design that accentuates curves while promoting breathability. What more could you ask for?

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Food and Drink

The Gourmet Picnic Gift Box from Full Olive

A present for those snackie friends and family members always looking for the best goodies in the pantry. This custom gift box offers the perfect combination of legendary spreads, olives, and Full Olive’s best-selling aged balsamic. Even better, this thoughtful gift works together to offer the perfect combination of flavors for all to enjoy upon opening. Dish up!

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Home Goods

Bamboo Sheet Set from bamblu

Truly the gift that keeps on giving all year long! The best beds are those adorned with the softest of sheets, we know from personal experience. Looking for that luxury sleeping experience that others so often brag about?

This stunning bamboo sheet set from bamblu is it. With temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking properties, this fabulous sheet set guarantees a comfortably cool night that won’t keep you tossing and turning. Did we mention that the sheets are odor-resistant and anti-bacterial as well? This sweet set will guarantee you’ll wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day!

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Little Ones

Fake Snow-Making Kit from Snow in Seconds

A hit for the holiday season and beyond! Little ones can enjoy all the fun snow has to offer without leaving the comfort and coziness of your warm home. This blizzard kit is the perfect activity for kids aged four years and up. Guaranteeing to make up to 2 gallons of snow and featuring a 30-activity booklet, it’s going to be hard to get kids away from this fun and festive activity.

Snow in Seconds fake snow is a powder with super absorbent, sponge-like properties. It’s safe, non-toxic, and will erupt instantly into snow when you add water! Snow in Seconds is long-lasting, never melts and is so realistic it’s cold to the touch. All the fun of the cold weather season without the mess!

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Self Care

Grooming Kit from Brothers Artisan Oil

The perfect gift for the bearded and mustachioed friends in our lives! Eucalyptus and Juniper scents come together to offer the perfect blend for this grooming oil and pomade kit. Each bottle offers invigorating properties that create a unique product for those craving a new approach to their grooming routine.

This duo works effortlessly to provide an awesome way to jumpstart a morning! Using the grooming oil to moisturize and shape, the pomade nourishes the hair follicles and features beeswax and shea butter for a workable and conditioning hold. Who knows? Maybe this gift can inspire a New Year’s resolution to focus on beard care and grooming!

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Unique Finds

Launch Series Pickleball Paddle from PCKL

It’s the year of Pickleball and we want to play! Be the coolest pickler on the court with this awesome new product made by Pickleball pros. This paddle was designed with all-around play in mind, blending power, control, and comfort. The Launch Series provides consistent strikes on the ball, whether you’re at the baseline or the kitchen line.

USA Pickleball approved, this paddle is the perfect present for the Pickleball enthusiast in all of our lives!

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Looking For More?

We’ve got you covered! Our Saltbox Holiday Gift Guide 2023 is the perfect place to get a feel for some of the gift ideas hitting the market this season. We recommend popping over to each of the businesses and seeing if you can purchase a few presents in one place! Be sure to shop small this holiday season in person or online!

For a small business owner, your purchases make all the difference. Happy shopping!

About Saltbox:

At Saltbox, we want to grow your small business with you. Whether your business is just getting started or growth is picking up, Saltbox solves the toughest parts with comprehensive logistics support in a community-focused workspace. Saltbox benefits your growing business by focusing on those personal business needs that other ecommerce logistics services overlook. Get started with Saltbox and let’s grow your business together.

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