Saltbox named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022

March 28, 2022
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Earlier this month, we announced the great news that Fast Company named Saltbox to the Most Innovative Companies of 2022 list, as a top 10 most innovative company in logistics.

That this recognition comes only two years after Saltbox was founded is a real testament to the importance of our mission here: to enable modern commerce with human-centric logistics to solve the hardest parts of running a business.

Source: Saltbox.
"This honor is also a well-earned acknowledgment of the incredible effort that our team has made over the last few years as we've taken the first steps towards realizing our ambitious vision."

Logistics can be complex and overwhelming. Founded by small business owners, Saltbox was built to make it easy for the millions of new businesses hustling to launch, grow and scale. From workspace to fulfillment, on-demand labor, equipment, and more we’ve got you covered.

And we’re just getting started! We continue to open Saltbox in new locations and provide logistics services designed for those who crave environments that inspire and empower the way ecommerce businesses want to operate.  We grow as our Members grow, and we continue to innovate to serve their needs.

Back in 2019, just prior to founding Saltbox, our CEO Tyler Scriven wrote a letter to himself. In it, he reflected on the blueprint for building a mission-driven company that strives for exceptional execution. These are the building blocks that drive us to this day.

Tyler Scriven, CEO, Saltbox
"You start with nothing but a compelling, impactful vision and one credible leader. That leader convinces other talented people that they're not crazy and appeals to their desire to work on difficult, important problems. Before you know it you have [many] talented, driven people all singularly focused on the same mission and that thing which at first appeared crazy begins to come into view as a real possibility--slow at first, but then incredibly quickly."

At Saltbox, we love your logistics. Our team is singularly focused on building something truly transformative to enable ecommerce businesses to thrive. Onward!

We’d love to hear from you! You can always reach us at or visit your local Saltbox. If you are passionate about solving ambitious problems, come join our team!

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