Thoughts on Spelling (grammar, not Tori)

October 29, 2020
11:16 pm

The Saltbox Member community is made up of many ecommerce entrepreneurs, but every time we read a new prediction about the future of the industry or a profile of a leader in the space, we’re faced with the same conundrum.

What’s the correct way to spell ecommerce? Seriously, do a quick Google search on the topic and you may be surprised about the breadth of strong opinions on the matter. 

Webster’s uses the classic “e-commerce” but classic can often be a euphemism for “outdated”. . Then there’s the frequently seen “eCommerce” spelling, cutting out the hyphen but adding a capital letter to notate the difference between traditional retail and these online sellers. But ecommerce is clearly here to stay, so doesn't it deserve the same treatment as “email” and “coworking,” both of which lost the dash and gained a permanent place in our collective mind? We think so … “ecommerce” it is.

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