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Future-proof your logistics

Life is better at the beach and leave fulfillment to our high-touch operations team in Los Angeles. Unlock seamless ecommerce growth with effortless shipping and fast delivery to impress your customers.

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The Saltbox Advantage

Elevate your fulfillment experience with our LA-based fulfillment center. We offer the best of both worlds: the efficiency of outsourced fulfillment, coupled with the comfort of personalized support from a local in-house operations team.
Pricing that scales as you do
Enjoy simple, transparent rates. One monthly bill, no surprises.
Your success is our mission
We believe in your brand and take an empathetic, personalized approach to logistics support that goes beyond day-to-day needs.
Begin in California, expand as you grow
Start off in our Saltbox facility in Los Angeles then grow into multiple locations as your business scales.
There is power in numbers
Our community of entrepreneurs unlock competitive shipping rates typically reserved for only the largest brands.

Build Your Saltbox Experience

Be ready for what’s to come with fulfillment designed to flex and scale with your business needs as you grow.
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Saltbox Fulfillment Center
Atlanta Warehouse
Atlanta Upper Westside
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Empowering Your Growth with Scalable Pricing

Your logistics needs evolve as your business thrives and expands. Our pricing model is designed to scale with you, ensuring the flexibility and affordability you need at every stage of your journey.
Under $500 in Monthly Spend
Monthly Subscription
Pick & Pack (includes standard packaging)
Up to 128 cubic ft
That’s equal to 2 pallets! If you need more space, you’re billed for additional storage per day.
SKU Limit
Up to 200 SKUs
Over $500 in Monthly Spend
Monthly Subscription
Pick & Pack (includes standard packaging)
$3.25 per order
$0.033 cubic ft/day
We use the actual measurements of your products to ensure you’re billed accurately (you won’t pay for empty space in a bin!).
SKU Limit
Varies by order volume
All Fulfillment Members Have Access to:
Discounted Shipping Rates: Unlock access to discounted rates for all of your orders
We handle all the fine print with top carriers like DHL, USPS, and UPS to ensure you get the best rates. Labels are billed separately.
Special Projects: Our experts complete your projects at $45/hr
At an hourly rate, our team can help with barcoding, kitting, fragile item prep, and custom packaging.
A women standing in a corridor of warehouse

Let’s Get Down to Logistics

Saltbox is the workspace, operational leverage, and logistics resource ecommerce businesses trust. Ready to see how our solution can work for you?
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