Concrete Conversations: What We've Learned

April 28, 2021
Small Business & Entrepreneurship

We want to share a big Thank You! to all of the amazing presenters and Members who joined our first Concrete Conversations online event series. Members, founders, and friends from the community have a lot of knowledge to share. The lessons were engaging and the Q&As, lively. If you missed an event, you can find all of the recordings on our new Concrete Conversations page.

We kicked off the series with a focus on digital marketing, and Quinton Lewis, of the popular Atlanta-based Herb’N Eden, showed us how he grew his brand with quality content.

Laura Oxler from soona gave great photography tips (as well as a discount code!) and Saltbox Members Michael Gottfried and Rickey McBride led exercises about advertising and customer service respectively. If your business is growing and you’re looking to learn more about recruiting, you should definitely check out the event by Jazmin Addy of Proximity Partners.

Finally, Saltbox founder Paul D’Arrigo hosted a webinar on logistics/operations, and CEO Tyler Scriven led the final event, a Saltbox town hall, to go over the latest news, and head a lively Q&A.

Saltbox wouldn’t be Saltbox without all of our amazing Members and Staff, which is why we wanted to create a space where everyone could ask their most ardent questions directly to the co-founders, and share their stories.

“We feel so lucky to be in the position of service, to have this opportunity to so intimately interact with, and observe the problems you [are all] working through everyday and to do our best, with time, to build really powerful solutions to those problems,” explained Tyler at the start of the town hall, “That’s what motivates us.”

The big announcement of the day was about the next Saltbox location, which will open in Seattle in July. Locations in Denver and Los Angeles are also on the way! If you’re especially interested in any of these cities, please reach out to us

We’re also proud to announce the completion of our Series A financing round that will help us expand into even more markets and potentially add new and interesting services to aid the operations of Members.

Throughout the town hall and in private conversation, we’ve received a lot of requests for additional services, such as help with supplies and shipping. We’re currently exploring partnerships with companies like Uline, USPS, and UPS, just to learn what is possible and financially viable, but if you would like to see more names on that list, please let us know.

Though the town hall was technically the last event of our first Concrete Conversations webinar series, we won’t be gone for too long! Our second series begins Wednesday May 12th, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements via Slack and The Concrete Classified.

Our community is growing every day and we’re so grateful to create a space where we can support each other and our business goals. If you’re a Member and want to set up a time to talk directly with our CEO, you can schedule a time on Calendly. In any case, don’t be a stranger. Feel free to say hello in the hallways and social channels. We’re building something special here :)


The Saltbox Team

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