11 Ways To Organize Your Ecommerce Workspace

May 8, 2023
Ecommerce Tips

Warm weather has arrived and pollen is wreaking havoc on the general, allergy-ridden public. You know what that calls for? Some spring cleaning. And we’re not just talking about airing out your home and cleaning the carpets…

Your ecommerce workspace needs a refresh. Whether it’s a general sweep-up or a total organizational restructure, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to benefit the budding entrepreneur, making your workspace a whole lot more accessible and structured. Read on to learn the best ways to up your ecommerce organization, one step at a time.

Optimize your space for a new season of growth and development by learning all about our warehouse optimization tips and tricks. Covering everything from cohesive ecommerce design to ecommerce assistance, we’ve got you covered.

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5 Key Principles of Cohesive Ecommerce Design

  1. Groups: Your business most likely sells an abundance of product. It’s hard to organize inventory when you don’t have a grasp on the stock you currently are storing. Know what you’re dealing with by taking stock of your product, grouping items that are returns, overstock, damaged or discontinued and dealing with them accordingly.

  2. Homes: Once you’ve got the main groups out of the way, you’re going to want to organize the rest of your product into homes. This is where your similar products will reside, together in families. Are you liking our puns?

    It’s important to ask yourself questions like: “How often do I use this item? Is this the best place for it?” The goal here is to group similar items together for easier navigation in the future. Every product should have a place where it belongs, with similar products that may be purchased together, homed together. This can guarantee faster picking and packing when orders are placed.

    An extra tip: Use boxes, bins, and other stackable containers to really maximize your space and make it accessible to others working in your warehousing space.

  3. Labels: At this point in your organizational journey, everything should be arranged with similar products binned and boxed together. From here, you need to make it easy to tell what a product bin contains.

    Label all your containers, boxes, and storage for easy accessibility with no questions about where a product may reside. It’s as simple as putting a name to a face. Knowing where to pull from will make the picking and packing phase of fulfillment much easier, not only for you, but for anyone else working in your space.

  4. Build Up: This is a massive unlock for those of us with so much excess product! So often, “dead space” near the ceiling of warehouse space is usually left unused and untouched.

    Excess storage space is perfect for any product that may not need to be as readily available as other product. Consider niche items, slow-selling product, and anything else you don’t need quick hands on.

  5. Triadic Design: It goes without saying that organization is based on the product you’re selling (and sometimes underselling). Triadic design follows the principles of product popularity. The goal is to organize your items into zones depending on the handling of the product.

    Zone 1 is the perfect location for top selling items, whereas Zone 2 is great for average selling SKU, Zone 3 for underselling or niche product. Even better, with Saltbox’s flexible warehousing options, we can offer flex storage for product, whether that be back stock of top sellers or excess under sellers that need a place to reside.

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eForce Assistance for All Things Fulfillment

Here at Saltbox, we offer our business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to step away from their fulfillment needs and focus their attentions on other needs like marketing and customer support.

That’s why we have eForce, that extra set of hands your business has been begging for from the start. Our operations specialists are trained in all the key daily tasks that keep your business running. Assistance can be offered in many ways, including but not limited to:

  1. Assembly: Putting together boxes, shipping containers, and storage for your products or suite.

  2. Kitting: Preparing multiple parts of an order for shipment, whether it’s kits, subscription boxes, or standard orders with branded design needs.

  3. Receiving and Sorting: Saltbox eForce can receive products on your business’s behalf, assessing and sorting products accordingly based on your businesses needs and organizational structure.

  4. Picking and Packing: Offering fulfillment services to whatever degree necessary, from assisting with picking, packaging, and placing inserts or branded items into each order.

  5. Inventory Management: Availability and accessibility of your product is the number one priority for growing businesses. Having assistance with inventory management guarantees your inventory levels are being tracked and items are restocked accordingly.

  6. Special Projects: Any specialized work or assistance your business may require, we’re more than happy to help!

Why eForce?

Consider the benefits of having an extra set of hands to support your business. As an entrepreneur (aka. hustler, doer, mover, shaker), it may seem like you can accomplish everything for your business. From picking, packing, designing, marketing, and fulfilling your orders, it may be time to offload some of the more tedious tasks to a team built for the work. Saltbox provides the hands and the resources familiar with the ecommerce world to provide top notch assistance when it comes to all things fulfillment.

eForce offers a level of familiarity with the fulfillment process within the Saltbox space, understanding product needs, fulfillment improvements, and restocking requirements that every business has. Business marketing can now be prioritized over the everyday tedium of picking and packing product.

About Saltbox:

At Saltbox, we want to grow your small business with you. Whether your business is just getting started or growth is picking up, Saltbox solves the toughest parts with comprehensive logistics support in a community-focused workspace. Saltbox benefits your growing business by focusing on those personal business needs that other 3PL services overlook.

Saltbox offers hands-on care when it comes to logistic solutions and fulfillment, letting owners take the lead on running their business and improving their marketing while we handle everything else. You don’t have to expand your business alone. Get started with Saltbox and let’s grow your business together.

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